Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Exchange Programme

A group of six children from Chukha dzongkhag are leaving for Japan tomorrow morning. They will be attending the 15-day long youth exchange programme in Koga, southern Japan. Two officials will be escorting them. The programme is to provide young people exposure and broaden understanding of the global perspective. It is also intended to exchange culture. 

Peldan Dorji, 10, a student of Wangchuk MSS told me that he doesn't  know what he is going to do in Japan. "I am blank. But I am very excited to go there," he said.

Another participant, 12-year old Kuendrup Yangchen, a student of Phuentsholing LSS, said, "I have never seen aeroplane in my life, but I am excited that tomorrow I will be experiencing my life's first flight. I am very, very happy."
                                               Pic: Their last lunch before they leave for Japan
The programme is organized by the Department of Youth and Sports, MoE with financial support from the Japan government.


  1. Looks like you are doing the reporting job only then.

  2. Aah, interesting!
    This trend of sending students to Japan is still going on.
    I hope the students have an adventurous journey, learn from it and make Bhutan proud.