Friday, September 28, 2012

A thing of beauty!

I arrived at the Save the Children Program Office, Thimphu for Go Youth Go (GyG) Organizational Development Workshop 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Wow…30 minutes before the scheduled time! Moreover, it’s one Saturday morning; indeed, one day in week that I’d be snoring till noon. Usually, I’m one person, civil servant who reaches his office not before 10 am and avoids attending meetings, seminars and workshops with all kinds of excuses.

The rain hadn’t stopped, then, since a couple of days before. It’s still really beating down, so heavily. And this kind of rain, excessive showering, does feed to our mind. Not only hindrances our works, but also makes our mind gloomy and makes us sick-literally.   

The SCF office’s caretaker offered a coffee for me. And I nestled on a wooden bench, sipping a fantastic cup of coffee. Watching the rain falling on the ground, and listening to its light pitter-patter sound. Ah, I love the sound of rain.

There, right there, I spotted this beauty, this gorgeous bellflower. It was dancing gracefully, gently, like a bell in a monastery, droplets of rain falling on it. I stood, mesmerized, witnessing its beauty, the way round dew-shaped rain forming on its petals and slowly dropping on the ground.

And I bent and tipped forward, taking out my camera, and clicked a shot. I checked it in digital lens, instantaneously. Oho! I couldn’t believe that I took this picture. The photographer in me had blossomed to the fullest. He-he, no, no, it’s the object of this naïve artist. 


  1. Beautiful flower. Beautiful Shot. Beautuful writing. Beautiful rain. So beautiful. Loved it thoroughly.

  2. You are really a good Photographer. The flower looks ever beautiful one.

  3. Is that called bellflower??? I saw it in Nepal too, found it very nice, but didn't know the name.. I took shots of it too... Hehehe......
    Btw, the way you wrote - very cute leh.... :P