Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My birthday!

The sun is barely making it over the mountains. Its rays just start slanting tantalizingly over the Thimphu valley. And by the window, at home, this morning, I sit reverent, reflective. The cool morning breeze is gently gushing across my face. Ah, the loveliness of morning. Tenderness. So much beauty. But, today…umm…today’s my Birthday! I’m, uh, 29 now.

But unlike on my past birthdays, very surprisingly, today I sit here reminiscing and wondering how I had spent those 29 years. And now I keep turning pages of my life, one by one. It’s full of milestones though. And a very long journey. I had travelled, in 29 years, between childhood and adulthood, between innocence and knowledge, between love and hatred, between laughter and tears, between hopes and chaos. I still carry all those memories with me. Some forgotten, others partially distorted, and many reverberating in my mind. And of course, all those memories make my life. Me. 29-year old.

I’ll tell you that my life so far has been intense, always, overwhelming. I had lived a very alert and bright childhood, I could tell. But, I too turned lousy in the later stage of my life.

Like any one of you, my wallet had been thick and thin. Or more aptly, thin often. I had done wrong, been wrong. Dismayed, confused, and anxious. Along the way, I had stumbled so many times, even hitting my lowest point. But I too learned to find ways to adjust to difficult circumstances and times.

Also, I had loved a woman so madly. More than ever had I guts to admit. I lost her, by the way. All along after that, I searched for another woman to love again, whom, I thought, could make me complete. I chose partners and changed partners. But now I learned that it’s not about finding the woman of my dream. It’s, more importantly, about finding the endurance and happiness within myself. Self-discovery, that is.
This 29 years, oddly, wonderfully, has taught me to become more patient. For better or worse, I’ve also become more honest in my exchanges, more clear in my priorities, more focused in what I do or work and more open to new ideas. I’ve developed more hope, more capacity within. Now I can dance better, walk farther.

Yet, I still have lots more to do and achieve in life. To do my masters, buy a car, build a house, settle down, travel across the world, and write good books. But I’m getting older and I’ve been realizing this. And to think about this transition (getting older) in life is sad, at times scary. But nevertheless, it’s inevitable. Right?

And the funniest truth? I still feel that I don’t quite understand fully about life. Honestly. Not even today, on my 29th birthday. He-he. But with every passing day I feel that I’m just beginning to understand the miracle of life, little by little. And that’s the way of life-enigmatic. There’s meaning and majesty in just living. And so, surprise. Joy. Glory.

Still here, I sit. By the window, looking way up in the sky painted all in glorious blue. Oh, the sunlight is shimmering all over the hill, illuminating light, warmth and life. My mind is clear and awakened; my heart is filled with warmth, goodness, and gratefulness.

And now, right now, right here, on my 29th birthday, I learn that we’ve to accept all this transitions in life. Let go of things which are irretrievable. And I’ve to ready myself for the next stage of my life, which I’m sure, will be full of great moments, realizations and wisdom.


  1. What a wonderful post on your Birthday! Happy 29th Birthday of yours, God bless you in every endeavour you take towards in life. Many many Happy returns if the day, Riku-san.

    Keep learning cuz life has got so much to offer and you will never understand life fully, believe me :P
    And as for the woman of your life, you will find her soon hehe.
    Once again have a blessed Birthday!

  2. Wish you Happy Belated Birthday Riku ji and as far as the girl is concern she will be right there when the perfect time comes..cause God has made..JODI for everyone.

  3. Satisfaction is what counts at the end, achievements need not be big it should be satisfying. And you seem to be one heck of a satisfied man.
    There is no perfect girl waiting, you should make your girl the perfect girl. The search will not end if you don't realize it soon.
    Happy Birthday man.

  4. Hi Rikku,

    Happy birthday to you.

    May you live long to do masters, buy a car, build a house, find beautiful and loving wife, and write a book.

    above all, I wish you a life filled with happiness and peace with combined with good health....

    all the best,,

    Kuenzang (PSN)

  5. Thank you all! Your wonderful wishes and blessings meant lots to me.

  6. Mr. Riku, it's said that 'it's not how long you have lived that matters but how well you lived. So fare well mate. Be positive and you will endure well in life. Happy birthday. Have a blast.

  7. Happy birthday Rikku! May your life grow as big as your hopes.
    Luved your reflections!:)

  8. I am grateful with your wonderful wishes. Thank you all!