Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year’s Eve!

I'm driving towards my home and it's a beautiful day in Thimphu. The sky is bright blue, and the sunlight glitters and shines off the buildings and Thimchu River. And the air is icy, forceful. People, in warm clothes, walk along the street. They talk and point, and laugh together. Oh, what a joy to remember that today’s New Year’s Eve! A day to feel overwhelming gratitude for this life, and to start it all afresh, isn’t it?

As I drive, I reflect on our year (2012) thus far, all grateful and proud. And oddly, wonderfully, 2012 has been plenty good to me. It’s not always good and easy one to live with, but far more thrilling and exhilarating. It fairly glimmered with struggles, pain and wonder. But in all this, too, I discovered glory and grace.

My life was not stuffed with posh cars, high profile friends, five-star dinners and ex-country trainings, but with simplicity, ideas and words - I dare say. Each and everyday always inspired me. To live a good life. To write. And, it has taught me what love is. What humility and decency is. What laughter is. What learning and life is. It just is what it is, pretty weird, but in many ways it’s perfectly beautiful.

Many people came into my life. They left, too. But all of them have purpose in my life - the things they showed me about myself and life and the enigma of happiness. I met with failures and lost some important aspects of my life, yet I learned to let things go and accept change.

At times, I was saddened by unnecessary comparisons. But then I’d wake up in the mornings and I’m relieved and pleased with the way things are. I’m exactly where I should be. I love where I’m. I love that it is good and comfortable. And today, I’ve so much to be grateful for.
And I’m driving here. It’s all cold. The future stretches out ahead of me - on the road, in the mountains, and valley that surround me. The past is there too, but now I prefer to press forward and see all the good and beautiful things that life has to offer. After all, what’s here in front of me is all I’ve got. I decide. In front of me, I’ve another 365-day long journey.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Hi Riku! I love this post very much :) Full of reflections, gratitudes, and decisiveness. And I'm happy that you know what you want to do in your life, what type of life you wanna live, your ambitions, dreams and hopes... I sincerely wish that all will come true... If on the way you face any obstacles, keep going... It'll be just a test for your persistence. Wish you all the best and live happily :) Happy New Year 2013 to you...