Sunday, June 22, 2014

The photography lesson

I don’t know exactly since when I’ve nurtured this passion. Photography. To tell you, I just love taking pictures of almost everything. One clarification here though; I’m not a certified photographer. But hey, should one be certified to take pictures?   

I don’t know.

Initially, I began taking pictures of nature. Snow-capped mountain, cerulean skies, the sunset, rain, prayer flags, leaves, trees, and flowers - so much more. Perhaps all the beginners do start shooting nature. It could be, at least in my case.

I found divinity and beauty in nature, and felt feelings, warmth and hope. So I intended to capture and relive these things on my lens as briefly as possible.

Sometimes I would look at my own pictures and like anyone of you, I marvel at it. And to my own amazement, I stand in disbelief. Because some of my pictures seem unreal to me; it’s as though I had made it up.

However, photography and writing really complement each other. The digital lens does write stories, photographs do tell stories – sometimes better than my handful of words. So incapable of writing forward, for my blog, I look at my pictures and do I derive inspiration, get stories.

Quite wondrously, it is through my digital lens that I started to see the world around me differently. And ultimately I became a nature lover. Most importantly, it helped me to learn to find beauty and pleasure in the simple things. It changed my life’s outlook, for better.

Someone rightly stated about the photography and our life,
The greatest of inspiration, isn’t it? 

I can add here a few lines, but my own lines. You can, in life, fork out your problems like the way you crop out the unwanted parts of images. And if you want to make your life more attractive, learn to apply effects to images of your life.  Whew, it’s that simple!

As I’m still learning to take good pictures, so do I still learning to understand the life’s essence. 

Note: Second picture downloaded from google


  1. wow! Just so beautiful and everything lively here~~ I found your photographs always up to the mark and wonderful... fool like me gain inspiration and try to follow your said lines.

  2. I know you are a good photographer. Keep up the good work. I too have a passion for photography but I think it's not made for me, at least in this lifetime.. lol!

  3. You are doing great in photography too, Riku. Thanks for sharing your works here. I love your clicks. Keep going and improving. :)

  4. You are doing great so far. Your subjects are things we ordinary people could relate to and most of all you are being very consistent with this passion.
    You already know you don't have to be certified to be a good photographer. There is no authority when it comes to any form of art.

  5. I feel myself very much as you Riku sir. I too love nature a lot and no pictures are as mesmerizing as that of our own ecobio beauty!!! I too aspire to head a long journey to uptake photography seed in me...!! Just love the pictures you take.

  6. I love photography too. Loved the descriptions sir, and the pictures too. So inspiring it is :) Thank you for sharing.

  7. Yes photographs says and means more than word sometimes....but your writing and photographs are equally worth going through...continue sharing with us Riku sir