Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The shopping mecca

Whenever I travel here in Bangkok, I do this again and again. Shopping. Quite a lot. Actually, I’m not a shopaholic, maniac. But once I’m here, in the shopping malls of Bangkok, I become a different person. As I shop like crazy.
Quite surprisingly, this capital city has quite a huge number of popular shopping malls, centres and complexes with over thousands stores. Very convenient and attractive, they provide all kinds of shopping opportunities, plenty of entertainments and artwork.  

The amazing thing about the malls here is that they have almost everything you could possibly want. From fashionable garments to footwear, home decorations to foods, jewelries to electronics, craft items to entertainment (cinemas, karaoke, 4D, games, bowling alley).
Like you or any visitors, I also spend most of my free time running from one shopping centre to another, exploring new items, trying on different schemes and of course buying. Only once you are in here, ah, how you wish that you were a rich man.
Interestingly, here, you can bargain like hell on almost everything and you would be just shell-shocked at the rock bottom prices they offer you.

Moreover, the city provides very convenient transportation services and delicious street foods. I just love travelling by the skytrain and tok tok, always new experience for me.

 First picture courtesy: googlesearch


  1. It's not only for you Riku! Everyone in the world loves Bangkok, especially to shop as their goods are cheap and has lots of varieties.

    Many other countries are like that too. Like you, I used to feel wanting to buy everything they had in the store and I wished I was rich so that I could buy them all hehe... But not anymore la. Now I've already rich, at heart :P I only buy what I need. That's it! Unless to buy 'chom' for people back home. So, any 'chom' for me from your Bangkok trip? ;)

  2. Good to know all this from you, Rima. Thanks lots for the comment!