Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Of My Longingness

There's a deep longingness in me. 
Oh, sometimes I feel it aloud in my heart, reverberating like I just felt it now. 
That I should leave behind everything and go with my family to a faraway place. 
There, I would own a small house and lead a simple, quiet life. 
There, I would raise cattle and grow my own foods. 
There, I would read a lot of books and write my own stories. 
There, my wife and I would nurture my daughter well, so that she would become a good human. 
There, I would volunteer in a community school and impart my knowledge to the village children. 
This is my longingness, and ah, it's so simple!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Travel to Trongsa

Last winter, I had traveled to Trongsa—to the land of the longest Dzong in Bhutan. So to say, all along my way, I was simply awestruck by the stunning landscapes, villages, the sky, people, and community schools. After every turning, or mountain, I was screaming and running to take pictures. 

The supposed to be five-hour-long drive took me almost seven hours to reach my destination. And you know why. 

That day, I was passing by a paradise!

Pic: Pelela
Pic: Rukubji
Pic: Pelela

Pic: Rukubji
Pic: Community Primary School
Pic: Yak

Pic: Trongsa Dzong 
Pic: Trongsa Dzong