Friday, September 30, 2011

Apolitical teachers only produce apolitical students

Teachers in Bhutan are civil servants. As civil servants, teachers (to uphold the higher moral integrity and as law abiding citizens) are obliged to remain apolitical. But how this contributes to the learning of school children to be well-educated and democratic youth citizens? 
Today, many teachers shy off when their students ask questions pertaining to politics (Tobacco Control Act, CDG, political funding, Gyelposhing land and lottery scam). Students, our children want to know all this, develop critical thinking. Well, this is embarrassing when teachers would respond to their students, “Shhh! We, as civil servants, are not allowed to talk on this.”

Similarly, I am a civil servant, not a teacher though. If my kids or my young nieces and nephews ask me about the political issues, should I run away from them or shout at them to keep shut. But, it is undeniably very unhealthy trend being taking root in our young democracy.

I understand and respect that the BCSR 2007 has for the civil servants to be neutral on politics. But by tightening shut the teachers and civil servants’ mouths, aren’t we blocking our young people from learning and more importantly depriving them from becoming effective and democratic citizens? Or are we just blatantly neglecting the voices of youth (considering inexperience), their right to information? Or are we just demolishing the youth’s bridge to be productive and responsible citizens in democratic Bhutan?


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  2. I don't have this aptitude to be a responsible civil servant. Perhaps this leads me to not to bother much about anything that concerns civil service, including the BCSR. It's blatant disregard to BCSR, I must admit, which led me to blatant unawareness. Nice observation, and thanks for the comment. Keep pulling my legs.

  3. Thank you for sharing this concern.... i agree with u...

    there is a need to introduce political science as separate subject in schools...
    i would be happy to be political and would love to teach the science of politics.

  4. indeed very thought full post sir..hope the ministry soon relies its importance ,,,