Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Giving back

Three months back, I actually started planning to organize this children program in my village,  Chuzargang, Gelephu. In Thimphu, then, I talked to the officials of the READ Bhutan and Chuzargang Agricultural Farmers Cooperative about the program. They permitted me to organize the program and assured me all kinds of supports. 
Then immediately I looked for funding support from a few businessmen in Thimphu. They, originally from Chuzargang, have contributed stationery and other materials. 

I have two committed young volunteers. My niece Lisa and nephew Salman. So we just began the 4-day long Children Program from January 21, 2013 at READ Bhutan Centre in Chuzargang in collaboration with the staff of READ Bhutan and Chuzagang Agricultural Farmers Cooperative. We expected about 20 participants, but was quite surprised when more than 45 children turned up for the program. 
The program provides them different exciting and fun activities. Reading, painting, story telling, poem recitation, movie screenings, and competition. 

I initiated this program in Chuzargang as I found that rural children are deprived of educational programs during their vacation. Because of this they have low self-esteem and they lack confidence. This program aims to provide them skills, knowledge and recreational facilities. 
Moreover, I grew up in this village. And this village has given me so much - education, wisdom, values, safety and more importantly, the belongingness. By organizing this program for the children of Chuzargang, I am giving just a small thing back to my village, my community.
After this program, I hope that these children, when they grow up, can also contribute back to the village. This is our village and it's our natural responsibility to enhance the positive development of our village children and the entire village.
With two young volunteers. Everyday we have to walk two hours to reach the Center to  conduct the program

Note: Sorry for the errors in the post. I am using my phone to type and post here.


  1. Thank you Mr.Riku for initiating this amazing program!

  2. A very good initiative, Riku sir. Appreciated. Children will learn and at the same time know that they owe to their community. :)

  3. such a noble thought & job done ...we need more people like u ...Kudos!

  4. that's thoughtful on your part to give back something. and giving back through children is the best thing you could have done.

  5. WOW. That's a really noble organisation and I would love to be part of it one day. This is incredible. I love what yo are doing. So keep doing it.