Friday, September 26, 2014

The Thrue blessing

Last Tuesday, we visited Lamgong in Paro, my friend Pema’s village. It was my first time; my friend Chencho’s too. As planned, this year’s blessed rainy day, we celebrated with Pema and his family in Paro. So there, we were.   
As was customary, we began the day having porridge Pema’s mother cooked for us. We sipped on the porridge, and we agreed with him, “Yes, your mother cooks very delicious porridge.”  

All the rooms were richly adorned with huge thangkas, large size photo frames and Buddhist altars. It’s intensely exquisite and comfortable; in no time at all, we felt we were part of the house and family.
“My mother, elder brother and sister live here,” Pema explained us.

Meanwhile, we walked outside and everything outside was simply stunning. The house stands splendidly amidst apple plants and tall prayer flags. A brook runs down freely right in front of the courtyard feeding the people, cattle, apples and vegetables.
All the more amazingly, the water current turns the wheels of mani dungkar and produces the melodious toll of bells. Oh it touched our hearts so deep; feeling blessed. We were, indeed, experiencing a piece of heaven.    
Then three of us, three friends, picked up khuru, darts and spent the entire noon playing the game under the scorching sun. We typically romped, teased each other and danced cheerfully when we hit or missed the targets.

Meanwhile, we sat down under the tree shade, took a break and drank arra.
Pema stated, “You know friends? Your action today on thruebab decides your life’s course rest of the year.”

After that we had lunch and then tea. It’s a real feast though. Rest of the day was spent on fun, laughter and gratefulness.
However, as the sun began pulling down its curtains on the valley, we returned to Thimphu. In fact, nobody knows that the way we spend thrue really decides the course of our life but we know for sure that we’ve created yet another beautiful episode of our life. And it will bubble in our hearts not for rest of the year, but for ever. Until we die, or even way beyond. 


  1. Looks like you had a memorable thrue at Paro. I hope the ara didn't make you groggy and see multiple target for your khuru. Good of you to relate your thruebab with the larger picture of your life. It is good to be reminded of that too. Good job.

    1. Thank you Gyembo. The ara really helped me to hit the target again and again lol. Have a pleasant day and as always keep writing.

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