Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New job, new chapter of life

The title of this post says it all; yes, I am joining a new place of work. The Department of information and Media, MOIC, as it is called. So I am here and it is what it is. I embrace it.
Surrounded by new people in this new office, understandable anxieties aside, I expect to face new challenges. At the same time, I excitedly hope to learn new experience and skills.

However, the reality is that I have joined the agency with a complete different mandate and work. I feel like a new nervous man in the town. And I believe that it will take some time for me to adapt here.

By the way, I chose to change my office not because that I didn’t love my previous work or the people there. The Department of Youth and Sports (DYS) was a fabulous organization with a wonderful group of staff.

Never did I imagine that I would leave it this soon. Sometimes our life is like a book that its chapter ultimately closes and we have to turn a new page to keep reading. Exactly why, the chapter of my life at DYS was all that. Closed. Done. At least for now. So here, I have just opened a fresh chapter of my life.
Today as I stepped into this new life, I am replaying the whole memory of the past five and half years. On May 10, 2010, I had first joined the office as a gelled-hair boy, young and raw. It was absolutely for the sake of employment and livelihood, I confess.

Oh goodness, instead of studying the office I started looking for beautiful girls. Strange, isn’t it? But gradually, surprisingly enough, my outlook towards work and life had changed, for the better. Making one small step at a time, I worked hard (sometimes forgoing normal office time).

I was not a typical yes-man civil servant. On several occasions, I failed to obey the orders from my bosses which ousted me out of their good book. It put me in a string of unsavory situations. But at the same time, I had learned to work through mutual understanding and respect. 

During my stay at DYS, there were hard times both in my personal and professional life where I felt uncertain, bruised and low. No matter what, my supportive colleagues close by had been always transformative. They are friends whom I met through work. The destiny brought us together, but now it is all in our hands to keep it.
Some of the programs I had conducted
I had learned a lot from the people at the department, more than the words can say. The DYS provided me a platform to serve the Tsa-wa-sum, particularly to bring positive change in the lives of youth. A few activities that I had initiated failed, but there are many activities that I am proud to say that I had carried out and some of them are:

1. Promotion of youth volunteerism: When I first joined the service, the awareness level on volunteerism among Bhutanese youth was very low. After I took over a youth group called Harmony Youth Volunteers in 2010, youth volunteerism had considerably picked up in Thimphu and other dzongkhags. My hard work and sacrifices paid when the group was institutionalized with proper guidelines and office bearers. Today, eight different Youth Centers have their own youth groups which totaled to 463 volunteers.
Strengths of youth volunteers in different years
2. Celebration of International Youth Day: The celebration of International Youth Day was one of the important projects of DYS and I had coordinated it from 2010 to 2014. During the time, the approach of the observation had been shifted to more intellectual from fun and cultural activities. Many important issues (youth migration, youth development and mental health) were highlighted during the observations through comprehensive studies/surveys making the national headlines. 
3. Sustainability of youth programs: Most of the programs/projects were funded by the donor agencies. And it was a serious concern. Realizing this, the Harmony Youth Volunteers was trained to be a self-sustaining and independent youth group. Also, some Youth Centers started conducting programs for youth mobilizing only the local resources. 

4. Publications: I had coordinated development of three important documents. These documents enhanced proper functioning of the office’s works and programs. They are:
                         i.  ‘Directory of Youth Services’ (2012)
                        ii.  ‘Operational Guidelines of Harmony Youth Volunteers’ (2014)
                       iii.  ‘Orientation Manual of Youth Center Managers’ (2015)
I knew that I blew my own trumpet loud, huh. In fact, I am doing it only to record my achievements (though small) on my blog. My supervisor and manager, my colleagues, and the participating stakeholders and youth - all of them deserved a huge share of praise too. Without their guidance, support and participation, I could do almost nothing.

The time spent at DYS was not quite long, but it was one of the most significant and memorable episodes of my life. Abraham Lincoln rightly said, “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

As have I joined my new office, I look forward to walking on next stage of my life, which I am sure will be full of great moments. Hopefully. And I am eager enough to write here on my blog about my new experience, new people and new life.


  1. Hello gelled-hair boy!! Muahahahaha

    Good luck to you in your new undertakings. It is good to move and change jobs sometimes as the world today has changed and there is no such thing as loyalty from employers to employees - vice versa. I have changed jobs over 15 times and that's my fate. The shortest stint was 6 days in a company when I found it was being managed by a bunch of sick females while I was the only gagged male inside the small office. The longest stint was over 10 years of suffering with a HKG boss. That again was my karma to repay back as the many shamans told me.

    Your new job at MOIC sounds very exciting and I look forward to more blog postings from you! Good day dude!

  2. Good luck sir with new job and New environment.

  3. Good luck sir with new job and New environment.

  4. Congratulations sir and wish you good luck with your new job sir. I know you will do well. :)

  5. Welcome to MoIC.Will get to see each other often now

  6. As you venture into this new horizon, here is wishing you all the best for your new position and I hope you excel in any field. I know the kind of person you are and there's not the slightest doubt in my mind about you paving your way up till the summit. Cheers and good wishes.

  7. Good luck in your new happy always.

  8. Congratulations Riku Sir! and all the very best of luck!!!

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments, your wishes and your kind words. They meant a lot for me.

  10. We are missing u here in DYS. U have done a lot during your stay with us and your contributions will always be cherished. Wish u good luck in your new job. Please drop by sometimes for lunch...