Saturday, February 10, 2018

Photographs of Dorokha

Just over a month ago, I visited Dorokha town in Samtse. It’s a very peaceful tiny commercial centre with about 25 shops and bars. As it was winter, the weather was dry and cold. At the moment, the people of Dorokha are the happiest and luckiest, as His Majesty the King visited them twice this winter.  

The most popular spot of the town is Lepcha Restaurant, which sells delicious momo. In the plan, this existing town, which is more than more than six decades, will be replaced with a new town planning. And with construction of Haa-Samtse highway, I hope this place would prosper in the future. Here are some pictures of Dorokha. Have a lovely weekend!
Dorokha Dungkhag Administrative Office


  1. What a lucky town folks to receive 2 visits from HM The King! I would be happy and over the moon too. It is always in my bucket list to visit Bhutan someday. We can meet up and say Hello!!

  2. These photographs are so beautiful and very stunning. Loving all of these. Thanks

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