Friday, November 18, 2011

Last glimpse of Autumn

One crispy morning, very recently, I sat daydreaming nearby the window of my heated room. And my neighbours’ children were run-rounding around the courtyard, when I spotted the brief, stunning glory of the brilliant yellow, orange and red tree leaves fluttering by the window to cover the ground. They’re falling slowly, gently twirling on the ground. 
This is the time I realized how engrossed I was in the triviality of everyday existence. You know what? We, mortals, let ourselves be lulled into the enchanted sleep of our humdrum existence conclusively. The moment we rise from our bed, we’re preoccupied into the dress we wear, looks, conceitedness, foods we eat, etiquette, relationship, romance, cars, jobs… (Fill in the blank).  
It’d have been déjà vu for me if I hadn’t woke up from this enchanted slumber. I nearly missed miraculous autumn this year, ugh!
At once, I picked up my camera. Push aside my quilt. Jump over the stack of novels, note pads, pen and laptop. Out of my room. Out there in the cold, I was capturing the rich and jewels painted nature in my digital lens.
This was a moment, I thought, Mother Nature swollen to its fullest meaning for the nature lovers, photographers and poets. It was so rich, reminiscent and the light on the trees at sunrise and sunset comes somewhere beyond the giant mountains, beyond the reach of my logical mind. In the middle of shooting, I stopped, wondering at times-even enigmatic.
And as I took the pictures, I fully internalized the aroma of beautiful nature. It rejuvenated my otherwise muddled heart. And this was the time when I wanted to conquer the world.
If you've taken trip to countryside you’d see hundreds of acres of golden cornfields and sections of forest turned gold and deep red glowing in the afternoon sunlight. You’d also see the crops are being harvested, cereals gathered and taken to the warehouses.
And here what other fellow bloggers say about autumn. Langa wrote on his blog,
As I squint up into the sky,

all I can see is the deep and vast blue sky;

without a trace of clouds hanging-

a perfect form of sky we talk about.

Thimphu is getting colder and colder.

For some, the season of fall is all about love and craving for the warmth of their lovers. Aurora Karma posted on her site, 

she knew she loved him,
and he loved her as much.
She wanted to be closer-
under his skin-
with no time and space
between them.
She wished
nothing mattered but-
their love. 

Photo courtesy: Last two photos by Stephen & Dominique


  1. Your pictures are stunning. They remind me of those beautiful pictures on postcards and greeting card we use to send those days. Happy Autumn to you.

  2. An interesting article, sir Rikku. You have beautifully described Autumn and portrayed your feelings. Thanks for featuring some lines from my blog too. I am happy to see that. :)

  3. And yeah the pictures are so beautiful. Love them!

  4. Thank you Rikku sir for sharing your Autumn moments with us....the pictures are damn beautiful.

    keep posting..... cheers!!!!!

  5. The pictures are amazingly captured and with each picture, I hold my memories not to forget the beauty of Autumn.

    Nice one Rikku Sir!