Monday, December 5, 2011

Long tale of the longest lunch

Gedu HSS staff never cook lunch during their school festival and any other school events. About 69 school staff bring their own packed lunches (rice, curries and edzey) from their homes. The picture below shows  about 69 different varieties of foods displayed during the School Sports Day 2011 lunchtime. It's very interesting to say that you cannot even reach half way this lunch table. Your plate is full after the fifth hot-case. And if the school continues this unique trend, one day they will surely win  the Guinness Wold Record.


  1. wishing them good luck for this trend to continue....its the symbol of unity and integrity.
    reads great sir as always...

  2. haha. Interesting, sir. Bhutan could have one more entry in the Guinness World Record, it seems.

  3. Brilliant idea....shall propose my principal too....will foster unity..

    Great one sir...