Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Proliferation of penis

Bhutanese culture is outrageously notorious and immoral. From night hunting to "everywhere seen" phallus and the Buddhist folklore, I can assure you that our culture is bizarrely weird. Interesting thing is that we don't feel or notice these larger-than-life penises. We are immune to it. Ha-ha! If you don't believe me, view the photographs below:  

An enormous wooden penis guarding the Guru's ney & warding off evil spirits.

Penile telescope:

Ornately embellished ball-ends slapped on walls. Holding them gives you a trifle embarrassment but brings you good luck and prosperity.

Stone cladding. Dispensing a healthy sprinkling of jizz. Long live, my friend! 
This is one reason why Bhutan is unique. We're weird and have been propagating this "crazy wisdom", but we are HAPPY.

Photos: Hiromi, Haruko, Rabi


  1. Haha...great one!!!! very interesting. I like "Penile Telescope"...

  2. very interesting..enjoyed...keep posting la sir...:D

  3. ho ho ho....please keep on posting such interesting observations....
    Dont ever hush up sir...its superb!! i loved it..

  4. Phalluses in various forms, shapes and sizes. Loved them all. That's why, as you said, we are unique. And I don't find them embarrassing at all- after all they are part of us. Unzip your pants and lower your undergarments, all of you, and lo there, they are...Hehehe.

  5. Oh Well, this is another outrageous post of yours huh :D
    Uniquely accepted and humorously described (Vice Versa)

    Thanks for the Update Rikku Sir!!!

  6. Interesting Rikku...keep exploring!

  7. that penescope was really amazing.

  8. More cultures should be as free as yours is to celebrate this amazing male body part. There is nothing indecent about the penis! It's just a wonderful part of Nature!! Thank you for the education about this fascinating aspect of Bhutan!

  9. I missed the sight of pictures 2 to 4 above. Where are they, I mean their location in Paro, Punkha, or somewhere in Bhutan?

  10. OMG! I wanna laugh so much. Now I see that Japan and Bhutan have similarities. I am sure you have heard of the Penis Festivals in Japan too!!