Wednesday, December 7, 2011

National Youth Policy launched

The much awaited National Youth Policy has been launched by HRH Ashi Sonam Dechan Wangchuk today in Thimphu. About 12 students, 20 out-of-school youth (drayang girls, disabled, monks, youth volunteers, and job seekers), ministers, MPs, stakeholders (YDF, NCWC, RBP, media personnel, Tarayna Foundation, BNCA, MoH, BAOWE) and representatives from the donor agencies attended the launch.
Some of the goals of the Policy are:
1.       Provide youth with proper educational and training opportunities
2.       Health and development needs of young people are met
3.       Reinforce the youth volunteerism
4.       Develop skills and leadership qualities among the youth
5.      Encourage the involvement of govt. and NGOs, co-operatives and non-formal groups of young people; ensure all youth-related programmes are integrated and coordinated
The Department of Youth and Sports under MoE will take the lead role in monitoring and evaluating, and putting the structure to the Policy. The policy will enhance a good overview of all the agencies and non-formal youth groups in streamlining activities and services being catered to youth. As the Policy empowers young people with all the necessary supports, youth are also expected to take their roles and responsibilities.
However, the National Youth Action Plan which is to be developed every after three years “to provide a practical statement on the implementation of the Policy reflecting its priorities and strategic themes” is yet not developed. The consultative meeting with all the youth-related agencies after the launch unanimously decided come up with realistic and dynamic mechanisms for the Action Plan.

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