Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A date with my wife

When we were in my village last month, I told my wife that I’d take her out for a date. She appeared intrigued, flattered too. In fact, it behooved us to walk on another date as the previous one was long time back.

“Here in the village? Huh, where?” she asked me, and her face turned in smile.
Actually she was seriously wondering where the date would be. You know it well, like in any other villages even my village, Chuzagang, got no decent restaurants, malls, cinema theatres and parks. Where would the date be?

So, one late afternoon, when the sun was already starting to descend, I took her out for the promised date. My wife still wondering where it would be, she appeared excited too. Born and brought up in urban places, she had a rare experience of rural life.

The afternoon heat has just dropped down. So instantly, everything felt pleasant as the gentle evening was gathering around. We walked into a lush rice field, and that’s where I was taking my wife for date - to spend some quiet time together.

She screamed, “Wow! I can’t believe this; it is so beautiful.”
I was glad that she liked. In fact, I grew up as a kid playing in this place. Observing every stream, irrigational canal, tree and footpath, I narrated to my wife some of my naughty and embarrassing incidences connected to each of them. And she liked it even more.

Once we were into the field, everywhere it was the vast land of ripening colors of paddy fields. The setting sun light glowed like embers. There was something so bewitchingly evocative about the way it danced playfully on the thin plates of rice leaves.

Truly, it seemed like the nature has swollen to its fullest beauty - particularly for a couple like us.

We walked around, noticing it, feeling elusively delightful and loving. As the sun was completely buried behind the horizon, we affectionately observed the final activities of the day:

The birds were flying back home to their nests.
The rustic peasants, a handful, spades on their shoulders,
were marching home from work.
A village yonder, a ceaseless hum of cattle returning to their sheds
 heard momentarily.
And ah, we smelled the dinner cooking.
Come what may, this date was wonderful - way better than any of those we had in the past. There’s something arresting and special the village life does to people.

In a village like this, I realized we are humble, genuine, and there was sincere about us. And it feels so good to be REAL to fully understand one another as individuals, as a married couple.
I wanted to say this to her, but she had understood my feelings already.  


  1. Beautiful couple, date and post, Rikku sir. Enjoyed going through it!. :)

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words, Langa!

  2. Awww!!! This is such a sweet post!
    I need to copy your idea sometimes. Ha ha ha....

  3. Aw, that's so sweet.
    I finally get to see other side of you :)

  4. wow sir ji,looking forward ...more more hahahha

  5. Enjoyed thoroughly. Wonderful post as always and the pictures are great . Keep posting.

    1. I am happy to know that you enjoyed the post. Have a good day Dawa!

  6. That was a genuine romantic date. Why do you even miss cinemas, malls etc., when the real romance is there between two beautiful couple in love in exotic and pristine village. You have let the romantic side of yours pour out. Beautiful.

    1. Yes, you are right Gyembo. Thanks for the support, and longing to read from you too.

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  8. So cool... your wife would have appreciated it so much. Keep it going, bro!