Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My village, through the digital lens

Yet again, I visited my village, Chuzagang, Gelephu; this time particularly to celebrate the Dashain festival with my parents and family members. But like always, my village never stops astonishing me with its beauty and simplicity. This time of the year is rice, and all about rice growing abundantly everywhere, which is being further glossed by the magnificent sunset. The reasons are endless, and can be better explained through my digital lens.  


  1. Your photographs are always a treat to our eyes. And these ones brought flashbacks of my childhood I spent in Lamidara (present-day Mendrelgang).....
    So ...thanks for the memories...

  2. You are very good with your camera with keen eyes. The creative photos are nice and speak a thousand words. I look forward to visit your peaceful and beautiful country someday.