Monday, September 5, 2011

Fatal Attraction

Believe me or not, I have this untreated attraction to flowers, understandably fatal. Perhaps flowers are beautiful but its delicacy and untainted sweet scent exuded conjure my nerves so fatally. More funnier is that I had this uncivil tendency in the past...that whenever I saw beautiful flowers I couldn't help myself pushing forward to pluck it. So rude, na?

But not anymore! Seriously! And ya, to immortalize and epitomize the beautiful flowers in my grasp, I shoot the photographs of it very often. The photographed flowers remain forever fresh in my PC, unwithered, undried and unrotten. Very smart of me! Sissy!

Mind you, the below one is not an artificial rose. I had snapshot of this uniquely beautiful rose when I went out for cultural visit above Simtokha. To pluck it or not to pluck it was the sheer temptation. Lucky that I had my camera and here's the rose, Ha-ha!

  Purple is amazing colour. And if you love purple, here's this beautiful flower for you!

The season of fall, autumn has already begun; yet you can see flowers budding in Thimphu. Lo! I have this gorgeous budding flower for you: remember your childhood days when you were playing with a flower. Wild but a wonderful one. Here's this attractive flower for you! I hope it will rekindle your good old days:

A bee feeding on sunflower nectar. A perfect harmonious existence, though:

And for all of you, my wonderful readers and undoubtedly for those who are in love, here's a beautiful rose for you. A good day!


  1. good taste...much better photographs and lucidly written. well done! keep entertaining us....

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  3. i love flowers too :) and i try not to pluck it as well. beautiful pictures there. like you said, why shorten the lives of already short lived beauties.

  4. Let me say again: I love flowers too and I try not to pluck it as well.
    You got a beautiful taste in flowers and the flower touch me or touch me not remembered of my childhood days when I was in class 3.

  5. We, the best creation of nature and sadly, the worst, have the capability of feeling something. Well, even i love flowers & I try not to pluck it as well :)!!! i can feel the narrator in u is a magician who beckons all in his surreal world..Live the dream!!