Tuesday, December 6, 2011

National Youth Policy will be launched tomorrow

The Dept. of Youth and Sports, MoE will launch the National Youth Policy tomorrow at Taj Tashi Hotel in Thimphu. 

The policy will address a range of youth issues: risk and protective factors; promotes effective program services; supports logical pathways to success; and recognizes that children and youth grow up in families and communities that empower them. 

Youth issues and problems like unemployment, substance abuse, media influence and social behavior can now be looked at in a more coordinated manner. Until now different agencies have been working in their own ways often leading to duplication of activities and inefficient utilization of limited resources. It is hopeful that the National Youth Policy will help to streamline the programmes and activities of all the concerned agencies working for young people so that the youth can derive the maximum benefit from them. 

The policy shall not only look into all aspects of youth problems but also help youth to realize their full potential so that they grow up in a safe and enabling environment to become more productive and responsible citizens. 


  1. thank u so much sir for updating us with this....i could feel the breeze of hope that government is doing something for this issues. This must be effective in doing away with numerous problems related to youth.

    Hoping for youths to be benefited from it and may we see better future and be inspired more towards cooperative and good culmination, functioning with this policy.

  2. I am with Monu too.
    It will be a breathe taking moment for every participants and I pray everyone benefits out of it.

    Thanks for the update!